Empowering; Enriching; Elevating lives of the youth in an Escalated manner through the state of art, conceptual and yet exam oriented “Education” is the ideology of in5 minutes. Lesser the efforts, Higher the gain are the thoughts which echo in most of us today. in5minutes revolutionizes this thought by looking at the current era. Today, people want to become rich, lose weight, develop skills instantly. Everyone is crunched for ....






  • Siddhant Pokle
    well, it was a great tutorial enjoyed it thumbs up!
  • Krish Iyer
    In5 minutes provides coherent notes with proper concise videos with the convinience of studying anytime and at any place.
  • Rahul Gupta
    Concepts were explained in a simple manner with good videos. 
  • Sachim Karekar
    In 5 minutes presents an interesting concept of covering topics in just 5 minutes! Concise and keeps you interested!
  • Ajit K.
    The videos were quite insightful. The problems were explained properly in a lucid manner!
  • Prathik Shetty
    In5 minutes is about to bring a revolution in the field of education in 5 minutes! :)